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Last Updated 11/25/19

Old-English Flair 7*M 

​DOB:  03/15/2015

Sire:  Companeros Legacy Marius  +*B VEV 89

Sire's Sire:  Des-Ruhegestelle Win Legacy  +*B 

Sire's Dam:  SG Companeros Stand Out Maribel  3*M EEEV 91


Dam:  GCH Old-English Caprice  6*M EEEV 90

  2015 ADGA National Show-1st Place 3 y/o, 2nd Udder, Member of 1st Place Dam & Daughter 

Dam's Sire:  Old-English Blaine   *B +V+  83

Dam's Dam:  SGCH Old-English Arianna  5*M EEEE 92

   2015 ADGA National Show- Member of 1st Place Dam & Daughter

Show Record


GCH x1

Best Udder x1


Milked out for BDIS

Flair kidded on March 26th 2019 with 3 doelings. She died in our arms March 28th 2019 after complications. She was our foundation Saanen doe and the favorite spoiled girl/herd queen. She has left a hole in our hearts and our herd. We love you Flair <3

Old-English Fame VEEV 89

DOB:  04/27/2015

Sire:  Willow-Lane Elliott  *B

Sire's Sire:  SG Old-English Irwin  +*B VEE 90

Sire's Dam:  SG Willow-Lane Lisanne  9*M VVEV 90

Dam:  GCH Old-English Erin  5*M VVEV 90 

  2015 ADGA National Show- 3rd Place 2 y/o, 2nd Place Best Udder

Dam's Sire:  Old-English Dexter  *B

Dam's Dam:  GCH Cherrypines Tigger  4*M V+EV 88

Fame was sold. We love this sweet girl and retained her 2019 doe (Lotus) this year and are excited to see her mature.