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Last Updated 04/08/2020

Clean Herd Tested Yearly

*Herd Last Tested For CL, CAE, & Johnnes: February 2020*

CH Algedi Farm DJ Higgs Boson EVE 90 *B (DNA Verifyed)


Barn Name: Higgs

Sire: GCH Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter EEE 91

Sire's Sire: Rosasharn's UMT Hamachi VVV 85

Sire's Dam: SGCH Rosasharn's TL Zenith 3*M EEVE 90

Dam: SGCH Rosasharn's TL Zenith 3*M EEVE 90

Dam's Dam: SG Rosasharn's Eclipse EEEV 91

Dam's Sire: Rosasharn's Tiger L

Photo Courtesy of: Hidden Hills Nigerians


Urban Acres ASD Aurora Polaris *B (DNA Verifyed)

DOB: 2/24/18

Barn Name: Polaris

Sire: Algedi Farm MH Space Dust +*B VVV 85

Sire's Sire: SG Algedi Farm MB Makuna Honey ++*B 

Sire's Dam: SGCH Rosasharn's TL Zenith 3*M EEVE 90

Dam: GCH Urban Acres Blue Sky +EEV 87 2*M

Dam's Dam: SG Copper Penny Blue Eyed Susan 1*M

Dam's Sire: Sandy Hollow KD Ulee's Gold +B

Urban Acres CRF-BH Fabio *B (DNA Verifyed)

DOB: 2/25/18

Barn Name: Fabio


Sire: Castle Rock GN Blackheart *B 

Sire's Sire: CRF Castle Rock Guy Noir ++*B 

Sire's Dam: GCH AGS Algedi Farm S Honey Heart 5*M VVEV 87

Dam:SGCH Urban Acres ASD Vespa 3*M  VEVE 89

  2015 ADGA National Show- 6th Place 2 y/o

Dam's Sire: Algedi Farm MH Space Dust +*B VVV 85

Dam's Dam: SGCH AGS Urban Acres SD Blue Bonnet 2*M ++EV 87

Lucy's Ladybug Forc2BReknWith *B

DOB: 2/21/20

Barn Name: Rick

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Rekn N Force 

Sire's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Allegiance VEE 87

Sire's Dam: SG NC PromisedLand Nemesis VEEE90 2*M 3*D

Dam: GCH Old Mountain Farm Intuition *M

Dam's Dam: Old Mountain Farm Tsukiko

Dam's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Endurance

Lucy's Ladybug Moody Blues *B

DOB: 3/3/20

Barn Name: Blue

Sire: Hetland Creek GL Melodian VEE 88

Sire's Sire: Alethia SHH Gunsmoke N Lace

Sire's Dam: CH Algedi Farm DJ Melodica 1*M EEEE 91

Dam: SG Jasper Pine SHH Demitasse 1*M VEE+ 88

Dam's Dam: GCH Algedi Farm DJ Splash O' Honey ++*B VVEE 90

Dam's Sire: The Rosasharn TL Sitka Spruce